Discover How Desborough Ladies Are Getting Fit and Feeling Fabulous With The Empower Weight Loss and Fitness System

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Make it Simple

Weight loss plans that fit with you and your family life and a plan that is all mapped out for you.

Make it Fun

You'll enjoy our super effective exercise sessions and have so much fun you'll never want to miss one.

Make it Social

You'll become part of our EmPower Community with encouragement and support on your journey to fit and fabulous every step of the way.

Hey, my name's Emily and I own EmPower Fitness, a private personal training studio for women who want to get in shape, feel amazing and be part of a community that supports each other every step of the way. 

I have been there and bought the t-shirt when it comes to weight loss and fitness. I know how intimidating getting started can be, that's why I make it as easy as possible to start and so much fun you won't want to stop.

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Here’s What Empower Members Get...

  • Personal training sessions that will change your body without killing yourself doing high impact, high intensity workouts
  • A nutrition plan that will help you lose weight, whether it's your first time, you've already tried every diet under the sun or you are ready to step off the diet roundabout forever
  • The support you need to stay on track, no matter what you've got going on
  • Sessions in my private EmPower studio. A mirror free, judgement free, boring workout free zone
  • Sessions that are hard enough to change your body but enough fun that you won't want to miss one
  • Somewhere you can get fitter and stronger and you'll always fit in, no matter what your starting point is

Here Are Some People I’ve Helped Already...

Jilly Aged 35

Busy Mum, Chichester

"I was looking to join a gym that would help and support me. I joined in January 2020 and with wonderful support and encouragement from the team, I have lost two dress sizes but much more than that, my body is stronger, I have more energy, gained confidence in myself and joined a family of like minded people. Thank You."

Julia Stewart - Aged 40

Product Manager, Chichester

" I always had the best intentions to get fit and toned so I'd join a gym, go a couple of times then use every excuse not to go. I was concerned about not being as fit as I could be knowing this could affect me in later life. The support I had from the team at Core kept me going and helped me build up stamina and strength gradually.  I feel fitter and stronger than ever before and I’m more toned so feel happier in a bikini. My favourite thing is the members are real people with their own individual goals and are very friendly."

Ready To Get Started on Your Body Transformation Journey

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